Community Solar Solved

ProjectEconomics provides turnkey solutions for operators of shared renewable assets.


We also support Wind and Hydro distributed generation programs

Customer Acquisition

We take a partnership approach and work in collaboration with industry leading firms to provide an implementation vehicle for your customer acquisition strategy

Central to our customer acquisition strategy is our referral program, which creates a fantastic way to acquire customers inexpensively.

Customer Management

Improve your customer onboarding processes and keep your shared renewable assets 100% subscribed

Standalone & Integrated CRM

Our platform provides a quick and intuitive CRM module that can stand on its own or be integrated into other popular CRM systems like Salesforce or SAP®

Customer Historic Usage Data

We've built interfaces to many utility customer accounts using either the green button initiaitive or data scrapers. The result is being able to quickly obtain customer billing data


Flexible NMC Allocation

Our platform supports a hierarchy that allows customers to have multiple accounts (for example a municipality) and to allocate net metering credits (NMC) from multiple shared renewable assets to those accounts.

100% Asset Subscription

Our platform allows you to keep a waiting list of qualified subscribers ready to take the place of customers leaving the program. The result is more robust revenue streams from your shared renewable assets.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Track Financial Data
  • Track Customer Over / Under Allocation
  • Payment in Arrears / Dunning Notices
  • Overall Program Financial Performance
  • Customer Churn

Customer Experience

Our platform provides a user interface that mimics a traditional rooftop solar user experience.

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Customers can self-serve their account. They have the ability to edit their billing profile (credit card and ACH) which leads to lower support costs
Customers are engaged throughout the qualification process & can be onboarded quickly
Customer credit checks and billing history are available electronically, making it quick and easy to correctly size the customer's project allocation

Billing Engine

Our billing engine provides a robust and error free revenue stream from your shared renewable asset directly to your company's merchant account

Workflow Based

  • Support for multiple billing processes
  • API integration with external resources
  • Interchangable and editable workflows

Credit Card/ACH

  • Customers self-serve their billing profile
  • Customers choose either Credit Card or ACH
  • Customer billing history
  • PCI compliant

Reconciliation Engine

  • Reconcile individual accounts and per month
  • Supports 4 Eyes principal
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Exception handling

Monthly Statements

  • Reconciles array output to kWh usage
  • Includes economic and environment metrics
  • Perfectly branded
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cross promote other programs

Support for On-bill financed payment mechanisms as well

"Improving the economics of distributed generation through software"

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