Applying Software to Distributed Generation Programs

Our cloud native platform drives efficiencies and creates superior customer experiences. The result is better customer engagement at lower cost.

Open Energy Platform™

The Open Energy Platform™ is a cloud enabled service, but deployable behind the firewall as well. See our Services to learn more


We have yet to encounter the same shared renewable program design twice. In order to service such a wide variation of designs, we have employed a modular platform architecture and ability to support any number of different product models.

Customizable Modular Architecture


Our a-la-carte modular architecture allows clients to leverage their existing systems that we connect to via API and middleware

  • Billing Module
  • Portal Module
  • Workflow Module
  • Customizable Customer "My Account"
  • Customizable Customer Portal

Support for Different Models


Proper use of software patterns and loosely coupled objects allows our platform to support (n) number of CDG models

  • % discount to NMC
  • Direct Ownership
  • Loan / Lease / PPA
  • Support for Volumetric (kWh) models
  • Support for Dollar Denominated ($) models


The functionality needed to implement enterprise quality shared renewable programs

Data Model

Our object hierarchy or data model mimics that of the utility. Customers can have multiple accounts (meters) and different community solar projects can be allocated as needed to each account or meter.


Our platform supports roles based authorization

  • Customer Role
  • Program Adminstrator Role
  • Financial Accountant Role
  • Field Agent Role
  • Backoffice Role

Utility Integration

  1. We interface with the host customer account
  2. We interface with the customer's account for 12 month billing history
  3. We interface with the utility billing system (depending on program design)

API Layer

Our platform supports a robust API layer consisting or API endpoints and services that can connect to network enabled enterprise ERP and CRM systems.

Array Monitoring Integration

Our platform interfaces with the following array monitoring vendors


If support for your particular vendor or technology is not listed, just let us know and we can build an adaptor for it as well.

Note that we also integrate with monitoring systems tailored for other shared asset technologies like hydro and wind


Although our platform has been specifically tailored for community solar, it can be reconfigured to support other distributed generation programs like rooftop solar, energy efficiency, or solar + storage

"Improving the economics of distributed generation through software"

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